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Products: ASCEND

BioPharm Systems' ASCEND solution takes Siebel Clinical, a CRM-based solution for the centralized management of clinical trials, to new heights. It accelerates the implementation to save you time and money. Our ASCEND package meets the needs of most life sciences organizations out-of-the-box. Less custom configuration, along with complete documentation and training, means less time and cost for you.

ASCEND is a pre-configured and enhanced version of Siebel Clinical. Based on many years of experience with Siebel Clinical implementations, we tailored the system to meet the needs of most life sciences companies, and expanded it to include additional commonly-requested functionality.


Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies ASCEND is part of the Oracle Accelerate program. The solution has gone through an exhaustive review by Oracle and has been able to meet or exceed their technical standards, as well as the needs of a wide range of life sciences organizations. Read the story behind the Siebel Clinical accelerator from BioPharm Systems.


ASCEND Quick Facts:

  • Deployment: The system can be implemented on-site or hosted and managed by us. In addition to our standard ASCEND package, we offer ASCEND On-Demand, which uses a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Its subscription-based pricing model makes it attractive to life sciences organizations of all sizes - regardless of how many users you have.
  • Validation-Ready: It comes with a complete set of operational qualification (OQ) documentation that provides everything you need to validate that the system functions as expected, including an executable test suite. Organizations that do not wish to formally validate can use this documentation for user acceptance testing (UAT) instead. Either way, having the documentation ready for use upon installation saves a significant amount of time and money.
  • Training: Our package includes a User Guide with screenshots and step-by-step instructions for every clinically-relevant section of the application.
  • Improvements: It comes with ongoing support and continued improvements based on feedback from our user base - other companies just like yours.

If you are migrating data from another clinical trial management system, we recommend using ASCEND-Migrate, a tool that streamlines the process of transferring contacts, accounts, and addresses from your legacy investigator database to Siebel Clinical.


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