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Products: Accel-Tracker

Signal management, the detection, prioritization, and evaluation of signals, is a crucial activity that life sciences organizations should continuously perform in an effort to ensure their products are not related to excessive risks in relationship to the products' benefits. With the emergence of comprehensive and user-friendly signal management solutions, such as Oracle's Empirica Signal and Empirica Topics, the management of signals and information relevant to them has become easier and more effective.
Accel-Tracker is a pre-configured version of Empirica Topics, a powerful tool that helps companies track and manage information and activities (Topics) that are related to potential drug safety and pharmacovigilance signals. Topics can be delegated to members of a safety team for documenting the prioritization and evaluation of the signal. This transparent and collaborative process can protect your organization in an audit and ensure you have a well-established methodology for signal management.

Accel-Tracker is configured using BioPharm Systems' methodology that is based on techniques promoted by the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) Working Group VIII.


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