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Products: Accel-Account Manager

Accel-Account Manager is an innovative and easy-to-use clinical account management solution that allows managers of Oracle Clinical (OC), Remote Data Capture (RDC), and Thesaurus Management System (TMS) to create and maintain user accounts. The web-based application is affordable and packed with features and benefits that dramatically save sponsors and clinical research organizations time, money, and resources.

Accel-Account Manager enables the application owner to:

  • Create and update accounts
  • Lock and unlock accounts
  • Enforce account e-mail addresses to be from a specified company domain
  • Control application access for each user
  • Set OC study security
  • Set RDC study site security for a specific user and/or en masse
  • Set database roles and password profile for an account
  • Synchronize account security settings for multiple environments (e.g., production, test, and development)
  • Generate multiple accounts from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Reset one or more account passwords at a time
  • Review account activities and notification logs

The application enables the end-user to:

  • Retrieve his or her account username
  • Reset his or her password
  • Maintain security questions and responses for his or her account
  • Receive account credentials and important account alerts via email

Accel-Account Manager is fully documented, validated, and GxP compliant.


>> Download the infographic: Creating an Oracle Clinical, RDC, and TMS Account with Accel-Account Manager

>> Download the infographic: Resetting Your Oracle Clinical, RDC, and TMS Password with Accel-Account Manager

>> Watch the webinar: Self-service Account Management for Oracle Clinical, Remote Data Capture, and Thesaurus Management System

>> Watch the webinar: Managing Oracle Clinical, RDC, and TMS User Accounts with Ease

>> Schedule a live demonstration of Accel-Account Manager

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