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Practices: Argus Safety

BioPharm Systems' safety and pharmacovigilance practice has deep expertise in the on-site and hosted implementation of Oracle's Argus Safety Suite. In addition to implementation, upgrade, integration, training, and application support services, we specialize in helping companies migrate to Argus Safety from other drug safety and pharmacovigilance systems. Our Argus Safety migration solution, Accel-Migrate, allows companies to change systems in the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective manner possible.Oracle-Argus-Safety-Specialized

Oracle's Argus Safety is a comprehensive platform designed specifically to address the life sciences industry's complex drug safety and pharmacovigilance requirements. The system's advanced database helps ensure global regulatory compliance, enables sound safety decisions, and integrates safety and risk management functions.

The features and benefits of the Argus Safety Suite include:

  • Ensure global regulatory compliance
  • Make faster, science-based safety decisions, due to better insight into data
  • Single global database including Japanese safety operations
  • Securely manage multiple clients (multi-tenant implementations for CRO/AROs)
  • Integrate safety and risk management for a complete end-to-end solution
  • Lower the cost of pharmacovigilance
  • Industry-proven and accepted


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