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Practices: Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Proving the safety and efficacy of a drug, device, or therapy is the most critical objective for life sciences organizations. The process of bringing a breakthrough product to market involves many parties, including patients, doctors, government, corporations, and clinical research institutions. Since the number of resources involved in the development of a product has increased over the years, analyzing the data collected has become very complicated. To effectively combat the complexity of safety and risk management, companies large and small are investing heavily in robust clinical safety applications.

Oracle-Argus-Safety-SpecializedBioPharm Systems' safety and pharmacovigilance practice offers consultingimplementation, integration, upgrade, migration, and hosting services for the most widely used and highly sought after drug safety, pharmacovigilance, risk, and signal management systems in the world, which include Oracle's:

Our expertise in safety and pharmacovigilance allows organizations to:

  • Meet strict global compliance guidelines
  • Manage data from multiple sources
  • Decrease case processing time
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Minimize overall costs

If you are interested in migrating to Argus Safety from a legacy pharmacovigilance system, please visit Accel-Migrate to learn more about our comprehensive solution.


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